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“Adam Kalish is a smart, hardworking, and energetic attorney but his reliability is what impresses me the most. Adam has assisted my firm on various cases and I have had the pleasure of serving with him on several committees of the Brooklyn Bar Association. Adam’s intelligent tenacity consistently proves to be an invaluable asset.”

– Daniel Antonelli

“When you think of lawyers, compassion and concern are usually not the words you think of first, but with Adam, those words are a first priority! And after you find out what a great guy he is, you find out what a dedicated bulldog he is and what a great lawyer he is to have in YOUR corner!”

– Yoni Messing

“A few years ago I was having a dispute with my landlord. When my roommate and I refused to pay rent, it ultimately resulted in an eviction notice being posted on my door. Adam was able to assist me in fully understanding my rights as a tenant and coached me through the process of properly filing the paperwork for a countersuit. He pointed me to all the resources that I needed and helped me to prepare for housing court. Adam’s help was crucial in this case and enabled me to succeed in terminating my lease without penalty, and I was even able to receive a rent abatement for poor living conditions. Adam was always available for even my smallest questions and was extremely thorough in his explanations. As soon as I enlisted his help I felt like I had him behind me the whole time. Thank you Adam!”

– Lee S.

“Adam Kalish was professional and knowledgeable about my case. During the summer of 2010, he helped me tremendously when I was a victim of an internet scam. I thought I had ruined my entire life, but Mr. Kalish was very patient and thorough; he managed to help me understand the legalities of what had happened to me and how to solve my problem. He was never too busy to answer even the simplest of questions. His kindness and dedication to his craft is what separates him from others. I can undoubtedly say that I would use his services again in the future, as well as recommend him to anyone who needs legal counsel.”

– Stef G.

“I have worked with Adam on many matters and he is an up and coming star in the Brooklyn legal community. Any prospective client would be well served by his enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to providing excellent legal representation.

– Jimmy Lathrop