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Any real estate deal in New York City is a complex, high-stakes proposition. It is critical to work with a lawyer who understands real estate law and has the experience needed to protect your interests.

At the Law Firm of Adam Kalish, based in Brooklyn, we represent clients in contracts, closings, transactions, purchase agreements and other legal matters associated with real estate, with a particular emphasis on contracts for sale, landlord-tenant matters, and mortgage foreclosure and modification. With a broad-based practice, we can meet all of your real estate needs.

Contracts For Sale

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Whether or not you are working with a mortgage broker, it is important to have a trained attorney on your team as you approach a real estate transaction. We obtain all necessary information from both sides, draft and review real estate contracts, and make all necessary alterations to such contracts. Once our clients have fully executed contracts, we work with the title company to clear up any title issues to make sure the property is ready to close. Once the title issues have been cleared and the bank gives clearance to close we will work to set up a closing date, prepare the necessary transfer documents and guide you through the signing of any loan documents.

Landlord-Tenant Matters

We handle landlord-tenant disputes in commercial and residential contexts. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are able to provide sound counsel and aggressive representation to protect your interests.

Mortgage Foreclosure And Modification

We can help homeowners negotiate with the bank to reinstate a defaulted mortgage and attempt to modify the borrowers mortgage and prevent foreclosure proceeding. Foreclosure is a frightening prospect for most people. At the Law Firm of Adam Kalish, we will walk you through the process and remain available to you as we fight to protect your interests.

Smart, Aggressive Representation

In any type of dispute, it is important to use common sense when considering litigation. Typically, it is better to work with the other lawyer and reach amicable resolution whenever possible. If this is not possible in your case, however, we are experienced and prepared to represent your interests aggressively in the courtroom.

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