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Strategic, Dynamic Representation In Commercial Litigation

The fact is that every dispute between companies costs time, money and attention that people cannot afford. For years, companies across New York City have relied on attorney Adam Kalish of the Law Firm of Adam Kalish. He pursues any business law dispute ranging from breaches of duty to real estate disputes to shareholder conflicts.

Adam Kalish has an analytical and proactive approach to the law. Since he handles both sides in any issue, he offers considerable insight into the potential problems clients face.

Offering Results-Oriented Representation

Attorney Kalish understands the many different considerations in business litigation. In many cases, simply winning the case isn’t enough. Rather, a lawyer must seek the result that makes sense from both a business and legal perspective. Adam Kalish is always mindful of the expense involved in litigation, both in terms of money and time.

Seeking Alternatives To Litigation Whenever Practicable

Trial is inherently uncertain. Even when an attorney prepares the strongest possible case, there is no way to tell in advance how a judge or jury will view the case. For these and other reasons, it is often preferable to resolve disputes through settlement negotiations, arbitration or mediation.

If alternatives to litigation are likely to yield favorable outcomes, he will pursue them. On the other hand, some cases can only be resolved through litigation. In these situations, Adam Kalish will be prepared to effectively represent his clients’ interests.

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