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The Struggles Facing Co-Ops And Condo-Owners

Homeownership in Brooklyn often looks quite different than in other parts of the country. Usually, homeowners are part of condominium groups and co-ops, which involve owning individual units in a building. These are complicated living communities, and disputes within them demand the attention of a thoughtful attorney.

The legal team at has the experience and insight clients need in co-op and condo association matters. Attorney Adam Kalish represents all sides in these disputes, and because of that, he understands how to approach issues carefully and with all consideration to the goals of his clients. He does not provide a one-size-fits-all legal approach but takes the actions that make the most sense for his clients.

Complications On Co-Op And Condo Boards

When a person own a condominium or is part of a co-op, he is a part of a larger community. The community has guidelines and procedures, and he must abide by them as a part of the community. However, sometimes disputes happen regardless of intention, and they come in the form of issues such as:

  • Selling of co-op shares
  • General maintenance failures
  • Disputes between members
  • Co-op evictions
  • Nonpayment of duties

Co-ops and condominiums are similar on their surface but different in practice. In a condominium, one purchases a piece of the real estate in the building, and that apartment is his. In a co-op, a person buy shares in a corporation owning the building and rents his apartment.

In both, however, one has certain duties to a board, general maintenance and upkeep. If the tenant or the building does not meet these duties, then disputes are unavoidable.

What Do Clients Want From Their Case?

Attorney Adam Kalish is analytical and thorough, but he must first understand what his clients hope to gain from their case. An optimal resolution can look different for everybody, but once he knows their goal, he can develop a thorough, effective plan.

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