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Client-Focused Legal Representation Across Many Areas

Attorney Adam Kalish of the Law Firm of Adam Kalish, takes pride in the breadth and depth of his practice. His versatility and tenacity have made a real difference for clients time and again. Because he represents clients in many areas, he has a strong understanding of the law and how it applies to his clients’ situations.

He works with businesses and individuals in many areas of practice, including:

  • General business law. He provides advice, representation and counsel to small businesses at all stages of development involving incorporations, mergers and acquisitions, transactions, contracts, policy reviews, succession, and litigation and appeals. He also provides counsel services to guide businesses as their needs change over time.
  • Commercial Litigation. New Yorkers face a growing number of regulations from their federal, state and city governments. As their representation, Adam Kalish will guide his clients through all aspects of commercial compliance, as well as agency investigations and litigation. His sensible approach will enable his clients’ business to fulfill its commercial and legal obligations while achieving its goals and prerogatives.
  • Real estate. Attorney Kalish assists individuals and business clients in all matters relating to real estate and closings, including drafting and reviewing purchase agreements and other transactional documents, enforcing and defending liens, and advising individuals, developers, builders and others on how to achieve their real estate goals.
  • Landlord-tenant law. Attorney Kalish represents property owners, property companies, renters and condominium owners in landlord-tenant matters, including drafting and review of lease documents and litigating residential and commercial rental and lease disputes.
  • Condo & Co-Op Litigation. New York City has a number of homeownership options, including condominiums and co-ops. Attorney Kalish represents both individual owners and homeowner associations for condos and co-ops and helps resolve conflicts involving maintenance failures, evictions, non-payment of duties, and more.

A key to Law Firm of Adam Kalish‘s success is an intense focus on clients’ needs above all else. Attorney Adam Kalish listens to his clients, inform them and empowers them to get the results you need. He will not abandon their goals in pursuit of an expedient legal strategy; neither will he leave them in the dark about their legal matter at any time. Instead, he will make himself available to his clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Flexibility To Scale Representation To His Clients’ Needs And Budget

The law is intricate and complex, but many legal issues may not warrant the expense of a large law firm. This is where his single-practitioner firm can help. Law Firm of Adam Kalish‘s size and focus enable the firm to provide its clients with superior legal service on most legal matters at a reasonable cost. If their matter requires greater resources, attorney Kalish has experience in partnering with a network of lawyers. As a result, he can scale his clients’ legal representation to their needs and their budget.

Contact Attorney Adam Kalish For A Free Consultation

Attorney Kalish’s experience, enthusiasm, and competitive and flexible cost structure gives his clients an edge in their legal matter. He is ready, willing and able to be of service to them. Call the Brooklyn office of Law Firm of Adam Kalish at 646-568-9313 or send an email.