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Issues Between Renters And Building-Owners

In Brooklyn, one of the most common relationships is between landlord and tenant. Renting – either residentially or commercially – is extremely common. And just as common are disputes between landlords and tenants.

Anyone facing a landlord-tenant dispute faces some of the most stressful, expensive and high-stakes legal issues. They deserve an attorney who understands what’s at stake and will take on the difficulties with professionalism and skill. That’s why clients turn to Adam Kalish and the team at Law Firm of Adam Kalish.

Common Issues Between Landlords And Tenants

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, landlord-tenant disputes often come down to matters involving the conditions of the lease. These matters can be:

  • Unlawful evictions
  • Lack of payment
  • Failure to provide maintenance
  • Security deposit issues
  • Restrictive leases

In any of these matters, there are two sides to the story. Those facing residential eviction may not have anywhere else to live, while those not receiving rent may face foreclosure.

The law in New York is complex, but no matter which side his clients are on, they have rights and deserve the attention of skilled, experienced attorneys.

What Will Law Firm of Adam Kalish Do For Its Clients?

Attorney Adam Kalish’s understanding of local and state-level laws around housing and commercial leases allows him to review his clients’ case and provide them with answers quickly. He will explain the legal issues in plain, understandable language, providing them with an analytical, thorough action plan.

Disputes can go in many ways, sometimes to court, sometimes not. Attorney Adam Kalish prioritizes pursuing results that make sense for his clients’ goals.

Detailed. Experienced. Dedicated.

The Law Firm of Adam Kalish‘s approach to the law is comprehensive, and attorney Kalish looks at every piece of information available. He dedicates his attention to his clients’ goals and your success. Reach out to learn what the firm can do for its clients by phone at 646-568-9313 or email using this form.