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How smaller companies fund big lawsuits

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Business Litigation

Companies in business cities like New York are frequently forced to initiate legal proceedings. This is especially common when they have a deal with another firm and the contract is broken. However, lawsuits are costly and impossible for small businesses to pay without considerable money in advance.

Litigation costs

Business litigation can be expensive, but often it is the only way to resolve a major dispute. Lawyer’s fees, court costs, and restitution are all expenses spent while starting a lawsuit. Small firms must also evaluate how much time this procedure takes away from their operations. Litigation is lengthy, and the small business owner may have to wait before reaping any benefits. The actual issue is funding it, because the cost of litigation may quickly destroy a smaller business.

Litigation funding

Litigation funding is a popular answer to this problem. This is a lending channel with a unique structure that is suitable for managing litigation costs. The funds will be in the form of a lump-sum cash advance that is not repaid until certain milestones in the litigation’s progress are fulfilled. Like any other loan, the duration and interest rate will be specified. The advantage of litigation funding is that it may level the playing field when one firm does not have the funds on hand to proceed through the courts without putting their business at danger, but they also cannot afford to let the dispute go.

New York small businesses deserve a fighting chance when faced with beginning the litigation process. Litigation funding sources offer the small business owner the chance to recoup the losses faced with breaches of contract, defamation and other disputes. Even though they will gain a loan, the restitution may be enough to cover the costs and more.
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