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Can your landlord enter your apartment? 

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Landlord/Tenant

Landlord-tenant relationships can get a bit strained. One reason for this is that both people think of the space as their own. The tenant is renting that space and lives there, so they think of it as their apartment. The landlord actually owns the physical building, so they see it as their property.

This can lead to disputes regarding access. For instance, maybe your landlord has been entering your apartment whenever they want. You feel that this is a violation of your right to privacy. But the landlord says that they own the apartment, so they have a fundamental right to go inside at their own discretion. Is this true?

Notice is required

No, this is not true. Your landlord is not allowed to enter your apartment at any time. Once you have officially signed the lease, you do have a right to privacy.

In many cases, the landlord has to give you at least a 24-hour notice before entering the space. This is true if they want to carry out an inspection or show the apartment to someone else, for example. If they’re going to be making repairs, then you should have a one-week notice.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, there are some exceptions. Notably, emergency situations may mean that the landlord doesn’t have to follow these strict regulations. If there is a gas leak or a fire in the apartment, for instance, they do not have to give you 24-hour notice before entering to rectify the situation. They are allowed to take action to protect themselves, other tenants and their personal property.

Many disputes between landlords and tenants revolve around these rights and responsibilities. Those who are involved in such disputes must be well aware of their legal options.