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What is a quiet title action in New York?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Real Estate

New York has some of the most expensive properties in the United States. So, it’s no surprise when real estate ownership disputes turn nasty. A quiet title action is often the best solution for solving property disputes that involve several parties.

Quiet title defined

A quiet title is a title that has had all claims to property ownership ruled on, and the court has determined who is the rightful owner of the property in the dispute. When there’s no dispute about who owns a specific property, that property has a clear title. But when the property has a quiet title, that means there was a property ownership dispute.

Quiet title action specifics

If you want to claim ownership over someone else who has a claim to a specific property, you’ll file a quiet title action in court. In matters of real estate law such as this, you’re the one filing the lawsuit so you’re the plaintiff. The defendant is anyone who might also have a claim to the property. It’s possible to have several defendants when dealing with a quiet title action.

You and the defendant will have your day in court. At that time, a judge will decide if you receive the quiet title. Being granted this type of real estate title means no one can dispute your ownership of the property. However, if the judge doesn’t decide in your favor, the defendant can possibly get rights to the property.

Fighting disputes against your property

A quiet title action prevents others from trying to claim your property. If your claim is solid, a judge is likely to rule in your favor. However, there’s always a chance a judge will side with the defendant.