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What rights do tenants have?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Landlord/Tenant

Tenants and landlords might find themselves in a contentious relationship when the landlord is new to the job. Renting basement or second-floor apartments is hardly new, but many novice landlords seek passive income through gig-based apps. Their lack of experience leads to making legal mistakes. And yes, even professional apartment managers might make the same errors. Tenants in New York need to know their rights to avoid invasions of privacy and other troubles.

Landlords must respect a tenant’s legal rights

The law commonly sets rules for landlord behavior when it comes to entering a tenant’s rental. Usually, unless there is an emergency, the landlord must give the tenant notice. The landlord may need a compelling reason as the basis for entering the apartment, such as performing repairs or assessing any damage.

Landlords cannot illegally enter an apartment to “look around” or otherwise violate a tenant’s privacy. They must follow the rules established by state law.

Landlords may find themselves in legal trouble if they threaten a tenant. Legal steps exist to deal with unruly tenants or ones behind on their rent. Threats to unlawfully seize the tenant’s personal property and sell it, for example, would likely get a landlord into a legal mess.

Many rules for landlords to follow

Landlords must follow the rules regarding raising a tenant’s rent and evicting the tenant. Discrimination is illegal, and instances of discriminatory practices could come with severe sanctions.

States laws may vary. New York residents might benefit from reviewing the Empire State’s rules and regulations regarding landlord/tenant relationships. Sometimes, tenants might not realize a landlord is doing something wrong and fail to take action.

Renters dealing with a difficult landlord could consult with an attorney. An attorney may discuss legal remedies to address any violations of a tenant’s rights.